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    Is the Market Crashing in 2022?

    By Jay Robbins | October 21, 2022

    The news media is using words like ‘crashing,’ ‘slashing,’ ‘tumbling.’ What is REALLY happening in North Texas? And if the market is crashing, why are the best houses still selling with multiple offers? Did you know that historically, the median prices for homes in North Texas goes down almost EVERY YEAR? And that typically the... Read More

    Great Affordable Neighborhood in Dallas!

    By Jay Robbins | February 22, 2022

    Great Affordable Neighborhood in Dallas!  WATCH THE VIDEO ABOVE TO SEE! We Think The Data Will Surprise You! ⚡️ Click to WATCH ☀️ Share this on Facebook! Read More

    Craziest Inspections from TruVision Inspections

    By Jay Robbins | January 14, 2020

    Find out what the CRAZIEST thing that Ryan from TruVision Inspections has found under these homes! Read More

    Why Are Home Inspections Important?

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | September 5, 2019

    While home inspections are optional, it doesn’t mean they aren’t important. They can save you immense headaches and problems, even just a couple of days after you buy a house!   Read More

    5 Ways to Prepare Your House to Sell

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | August 29, 2019

    Selling your house can be overwhelming, but Jay has 5 simple tips to get you started and get you going in the right direction!   Read More

    July’s Dallas Market Update

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | August 22, 2019

    How is the Dallas housing market doing? Jay has the latest numbers and trends for you! And as always, let us know if you have questions so we can answer them with a video.   Read More

    Is it a Buyer’s or Seller’s Market Now?

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | August 21, 2019

    Have you been craving a new way to show off at dinner parties? Well, you now have your answer! Learn all the real estate lingo with Jay and be able to answer the essential questions about how the market is doing! •What does it mean to be in a buyer’s or seller’s market?•How is that... Read More

    Are Zillow Estimates Accurate?

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | August 21, 2019

    Zillow estimates seem like a great way to easily see the value of your home. But are they accurate and giving you the best information you need?   Jay has the answers for you. And as always, let us know if you have questions so we can answer them with a video!   Read More

    Top 7 Things for Finding a Pet Friendly Home

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | August 14, 2019

    Finding a new home is important for all members of the family, including your pets! Our Top 7 Things to Consider When Finding Your New Home.  -Check local pet laws Homeowners Associations or Neighborhood Associations could have limitations on what breeds or on type of pet you can have. The city might also have restrictions... Read More

    5 Ways to Manage Living with Your House on the Market

    By Mindy and Jay Robbins | June 27, 2019

    Have you wondered how to manage living in your house while it’s on the market? If only we could manipulate time and make everything come together so we wouldn’t need to live in our houses while they’re listed right? Unfortunately, I don’t think technology has gotten there yet. Until it does, here are some tips... Read More