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Top 7 Things for Finding a Pet Friendly Home

Finding a new home is important for all members of the family, including your pets! Our Top 7 Things to Consider When Finding Your New Home. 

-Check local pet laws

Homeowners Associations or Neighborhood Associations could have limitations on what breeds or on type of pet you can have. The city might also have restrictions and licensing requirements too. Make sure to check that there won’t be an issue before you sign a contract!

-Check the yard and fence

Nothing is worse than a pet getting out! It’s important to also find out if the neighborhood requires specific fencing. 

-Make sure there’s enough room for them

Yard tiny and have a big dog? Want chickens but there’s not enough room for a coop? These are definitely things to consider in your new home.

-Is the house near a major road?

We all know that a pet getting out is one of the worst things. Being near a road can make that more stressful, but having a house that backs up to a green space can be problematic too. Especially in Texas, green open spaces can invite other predators.

-What type of floors does it have?

Having a hard surface instead of carpet can be beneficial for pets. The hard floors can withstand damage and be resealed or refinished if needed. Sealed tile and stained concrete are great options, along with hardwood floors. Distressed hardwoods have an added bonus of hiding scratches or other damage that might happen too.

-Check the floor plan

If you have small pets, it’s easier to navigate tight spaces with them around your feet. But bigger pets can make that hallway a lot more challenging if it is narrow! Think about how your pets interact with you in your daily tasks when evaluating the houses you tour.

-Think about stairs

As we age stairs can become more of a challenge and that applies to our pets too. Maybe the stairs just need carpet to give more traction, or maybe stairs aren’t the best option for your family.

We love our pets and are dedicated to providing you the best service possible, and that extends to your pets too! Ready to find a new home? Give us a call, or shoot us a text message, and we’ll answer right away! 214-444-9014

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