This Year, Make Commitments Not Resolutions

    Did you keep your resolutions from 2012?

    Statistics show that for majority of people the answer is no. The New York Times estimates that “By the end of January, a third will have broken their resolutions, and by July more than half will have lapsed” ( That’s not a very encouraging perspective as we approach our goals for 2013. Ringing in a new year should bring hope and resolve. It should inspire a new beginning and be a launching pad for change. That’s why resolutions came about in the first place isn’t it? So how come so many of us start out hopeful and quickly put our goals on the back-burner?

    Perhaps, it is because we are making resolutions and not commitments. What’s the difference you ask? Well, resolutions tend to be ideas and nothing more. They are often unspecific and unrealistic. Commitments include a plan of action. They have a time frame in which to be completed, and a specific goal that must be reached. Their end date can be pinpointed so that one is able to gain that well deserved feeling of accomplishment that comes along with completing a task. Resolutions are a good start, but since they often linger in the idea phase, they are just a start. This year, turn ideas into action and make commitments that inspire follow through.

    So, what are some examples of commitments we can make this year? According to, the most popular resolutions among Americans are: drink less alcohol, eat healthy food, get a better education, get a better job, get fit, lose weight, manage debt, manage stress, quit smoking, start recycling, save money, take a trip, and volunteer to help others ( Do any of these resonate with you? We want to tackle a few of them, and give you some practical ways to turn good ideas into commitments for 2013, so stay tuned to our blog as we begin a series on New Year’s Commitments.

    Do you have any commitments for this year? Share them with us!

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