New Year’s Commitments Part 7: Save Money

    Are you looking to get your finances under control this year? How about committing to keeping that budget a little tighter in 2013? For many purchases the best way to do this is plan ahead. This will help you save money by not paying full price.

    •Don’t buy your winter coat in November; instead seek out those after season sales!
    •Did you know that Tuesday is the best day to fill up? Avoid the pump on the weekends and stay away from stations off toll roads.
    •Grocery bill high? Stock up on freezable foods after their peak times and avoid prepared and pre-package foods. Coupon clipping also saves a pretty penny!
    •Even dry cleaning has its slow times. If you have something that can wait; January, July and August are usually the best months to take your items in because business is generally slow.
    •If you are traveling, book about 11 months ahead to get the best rates and try to plan your trip just before or after peak times.
    •Do your holiday shopping during the after holiday sales. Stock up on things like wrapping paper and string lights for half the price!
    •Large purchases such as a new car have their optimum buying times as well. New models are typically released in September, so in the fall, the previous year’s models are going to be cheaper. Or, wait until December and buy one of the last old models on the lot.
    •Find ways to enjoy your hobbies for less. Enjoy reading? Check out your local library and sign up for a card.
    •Buy in bulk. This always makes things cheaper, just be sure it’s something that won’t spoil and you know you will use.
    •Brew your own coffee. Coffee is the product with the largest gap between making it at home or buying it at the shop.

    Thank you to Real Simple Magazine ( and How Stuff Works ( for these helpful tips!

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