New Year’s Commitments Part 3: Commit to a Fitness Routine

    Want to make fitness a priority but dread battling the crowds at the gym? Try a home workout regimen. Here is a list from Good Housekeeping to get you started:
    It’s always a good idea to track your progress and get others involved. Now you can do that from your smartphone. The Huffington Post shared some of their favorite fitness apps with us ( Keep track of your heartbeat, set goals, compete with others, learn yoga, or train for a race! These apps help you customize a routine to your fitness level and keep track of your progress. Here is a few from their list:
    1. Fleetly
    2. Remix Workouts
    3. VItogo
    4. FitID
    5. Cardiio
    6. RunKeeper
    7. Pocket Yoga
    8. Couch to 5K
    9. Nike Training Club

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