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Is the Market Crashing in 2022?

The news media is using words like ‘crashing,’ ‘slashing,’ ‘tumbling.’ What is REALLY happening in North Texas? And if the market is crashing, why are the best houses still selling with multiple offers?

Did you know that historically, the median prices for homes in North Texas goes down almost EVERY YEAR?

And that typically the price drop between the peak in June and Sept/Oct is about 8.5%?

There is only one year in the last 20 that prices did not decrease in the fall and winter. You can probably guess that it was crazy Covid 19 pandemic market of 2020. In all other years, there was a price drop between summer and Fall.

Keep that in mind when you are watching the news tell you that the sky is falling. And if you want real, honest, level headed advice to help you through your real estate decision, give us a call or connect through our website.

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