How did Brenda Sell her House for More than List Price?

    When I first met Brenda in March, I was a little worried.  Her house had great potential and a great location, but it lacked pizzazz.  There wasn’t anything ‘wrong’ with the house.  It was simply missing some of the things people look for in the Richardson Heights area – hardwood floors, updated appliances, sprinkler system, new fixtures, etc.

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    Brenda Sold Her House


    So along with Brenda and her daughter Suzie, I came up with a list of things to do to spruce the place up.  Most of the tasks were very inexpensive – painting, cleaning out closets, planting flowers, etc.  I told Brenda that if she completed the list, we could ‘stretch it’ and put the house on the market for $175k.  At the time, $175k was absolutely the top dollar for a comparable home in the neighborhood.

    A few weeks later, Brenda told me her house was ready and asked me take a look.  I could hardly believe what a great job she and Suzie did getting the place ready.  Not only had they completed my list of recommendations, but they added colorful accent pieces, put out fresh fruit on the kitchen counter, and added flowers to the back yard landscaping.  Who knew that my client had such a flair for design?  I was thrilled because they had done everything they could to help me sell this house quickly and for a high price.

    I knew right then that this listing would be one of the first houses I think of when I advise my clients on the importance of www.  The list of improvements is usually very simple.  Most items on the list require little or no money to complete.  But when the project is done, an average house is transformed into a warm and inviting home.  With the right photography and marketing, this type of house always beats the competition.

    About 50 people came to the open house, and be the time it was over we had 2 offers.  One of the offers was for more than the list price.  Great job Brenda and Suzie.  Thanks for your business, and for doing such a great job getting the place ready.

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