A Word About Colors and Staging

    I’ve had a few conversations lately with sellers who have heard the conventional wisdom that everything has to be ‘neutralized’ before they sell their home.  They are ready to paint everything beige with white trim, remove all of the personal family photos, etc.

    I could not disagree more with this strategy.  I like color in a home, and I believe that it helps sell properties, if done correctly.  And your family photos can really make a house feel like a home.  If you don’t believe me, just go to a model home.  You’ll find colorful kitchens and personal photos by the undersized bed.  One of my favorite home stagers, Michelle Lynne, recommends leaving out the ‘good life’ photos.

    Speaking of color, I wrote about my challenges with color choices a month or so ago, and I just found a new app for smartphones that lets you snap a photo to find complimentary colors.  I used a swampified pool at a forclosure house for my color sample.  Apparently, the lawn furniture should be ‘Pure White’ and ‘Wild Currant.’ 

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