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5 Ways to Manage Living with Your House on the Market

How to manage living with your house on the market Dallas Fort Worth Real Estate Agents

Have you wondered how to manage living in your house while it’s on the market?

If only we could manipulate time and make everything come together so we wouldn’t need to live in our houses while they’re listed right? Unfortunately, I don’t think technology has gotten there yet. Until it does, here are some tips for managing occupying the space you’re trying to sell.
1. Start packing now
Start the packing as soon as you can, not only will this leave you with less stress when the move date arrives, it will help wrap up the selling process quickly.
2.  Clear out everything you can 
By removing items from around your home, packing is faster, but it also makes the space feel more open, more inviting and most importantly, cleaner.
3. Be squeaky clean 
Having a clean, bright home makes a world of difference in showings and even selling price!
4. Be safe
When your house is on the market, you will want to maintain your privacy and security. Removing any valuables and personal belongings like photos will not only help you feel safer but will give the potential buyers space to imagine themselves in the house.
5. Involve your family 
Getting everyone onboard with helping will make the process a lot easier. From packing to cleaning, if you have kids, maybe see if you can make it a game or competition. You can even invite friends over to help you clear out things or pack!
Selling a house is a team effort, and at Team Robbins, we are here to fulfill our single mission: to provide better service than any other brokerage!

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